Firm Grasp Texturizing Hair Clay


Long lasting matte hair clay styling product for men.

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This long lasting matte hair clay for men provides long-lasting hold for stylish looks with a matte finish. Perfect for men’s styling on the go. Maximum control. Roughed-up hair texture. Matte finish. Washes out easily.

How To Use:

For Maximum Hold: Rub a small amount of firm grasp texturizing clay into your hands, apply through towel-dried or dry hair and shape into a messy, roughed up style.

For Short Hair: Apply firm grasp all over with palms to create separation and messy texture.

For Mid-Length to Long Hair: On damp or dry hair, apply firm grasp on medium sections, beginning at the ends and then working your way up.

For Thick, Wavy Hair: Apply firm grasp to damp ends, working your hands up the hair strand. Cup ends of hair in hands and squeeze for chunky, molded separation.

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