Genius Wash Cleansing Condition For Coarse Hair


Cleansing condition and co-wash for coarse, dry hair deep conditions with a low foam, paraben-free hair cleansing formula with no sulfates, harsh salts or chemicals

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Why You Need A Genius Co-Wash:

It’s one step with double benefits: gentle cleansing + extra conditioning. It helps hair color last longer and increases manageability. Use if you work out, color your hair or battle frizz.

When To Use Genius Wash Cleansing Conditioner For Dry, Coarse Hair:

Alternate washing with traditional shampoo and Genius Wash to condition and refresh.
When hair needs extra moisture and conditioning with gentle cleansing
Before updos and events when you need the second day feel without the second day look.
If you wash your hair everyday, use Genius Wash for every third wash.
If you wash your hair less frequently, use Genius Wash for every other wash.

Awards: 2016 Oprah Magazine Spring Beauty O-ward

How To Use:

Apply 10-14 pumps depending on hair length and thickness and distribute evenly through damp hair. Gently massage. Leave in 2-5 minutes for best results. Rinse thoroughly.


This hair oil penetrates hair uniformly through multi-layers and into the core for overall conditioning and shine from the inside out.

Seals in moisture and boosts body.

Apricot oil, Soy Protein

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