Kenra Clear Paste Hold Factor 20 (2 oz)


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Hold Index: 20 Clear formulation for maximum control and moveable, pliable texture Provides a unique clean, gloss finish Completely water soluble and will not build up on hair To Use: For textured looks, apply a small amount of product to damp hair with fingers and work style into place.For sleek, smooth looks, apply a generous amount of product to damp hair with fingers, and then brush, comb or heat style.For style definition and quick touch-ups, use an additional amount on fingertips and apply to targeted areas. Key Ingredients: PVM/MA Copolymer Hair fixative resin. Glycerine Humectant and natural preservative Squalane Light emollient derived from olive oil.PEG-25 Castor Oil Moisturizing humectant.

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